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Chamma da Amazonia

Vitrine da Chamma da AmazôniaMuch of the history of popular smells Amazon was built by the founder of our company, Oscar Chamma, a pioneer in the perfumery industry in the Amazon, who left us a legacy of his passion for the work, the native country and its people.

The Chamma da Amazonia Amazon works with concepts of beauty and wellness. We produce various kinds of products, including personal and environmental scents, soaps, moisturizing creams, sachets, colognes and exfoliating.
Since its inception the Chamma da Amazonia develop constant research into natural and recycled products that can be used in their packaging.
In creating our products we try to create an innovative image, with each package a single piece, with a proposal that rescues the Amazonian universe through a creative and modern design.

Our products are developed with care and great affection. Our team is committed and dedicated.
We understand the responsibility we have to each day, and seek to do our best, creating, innovating and sharing.