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Me Chamma

Emerged in 2002, the project "Me Chamma" is an initiative of Fluids Amazonia Ltda. Behind every great company, there is a social work and the fluids is no different. We seek to develop not only the technological and marketing side of the business, but also the human side of each of us. The "Me Chamma" project serves children and adolescents, 6-16 years old, from near the plant, especially the neighborhoods Umarizal Fatima and communities. The project consists of socio-educational activities that help transform the lives of these people. Through a social worker produce activities, programs, tours and various other things that arouse these children the desire to believe in a better world. They spend part of their time learning about recycling, environment, knowing sights of Bethlehem and more.

On festive days, we try to prepare for events amuse them and introduce them to society, doing everything to make every moment unforgettable. The social worker also does work with the families of these people. After all, education part first home. Our effort and dedication to these people part of the desire to minimize the social exclusion index. What little I can give is that they really want to receive.